Mental Health Counseling

The objective of our mental health program is based on our mission: “Helping people help themselves lead healthy and productive lives.” We strive to support and assist all our clients with dignity and respect as they are learning new skills to cope with the stresses of life. We focus on building on clients’ strengths and resources to empower them so that they may learn to help themselves and become self-sufficient and actualize their life goals.

Our counseling approach is client centered and great emphasis is put on developing clients’ internal resources and external support systems. With the help of a therapist, clients may learn to identify the symptoms of their mental distress, recognize when a crisis is building, and access their internal and external resources. Clients may also learn to advocate for themselves and to access resources in the community.

Our mental health program provides outpatient counseling services to adult men and women, particularly those experiencing financial difficulties; those who are uninsured; and those who are under-insured. In addition to billing insurance, we offer a reasonable sliding fee scale. No one will be turned away due to an inability to pay.

Program Description:

  • Clients complete a request form by telephone or in person in order to start the intake process.
  • Each client is assigned to a therapist who will help the client explore goals and objectives and establish an individualized treatment plan which may include groups and individual sessions.
  • A therapist will support client in identifying issues impacting their wellbeing, and helping the client understand the resources available to them, both at COI and in the broader community

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our main line at (541) 758-3000.

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