Changes to COI's services during COVID-19 outbreak

We understand how much anxiety and stress many people are feeling during this very unusual time in the world’s history. We hope that you are getting the support you need from those around you, and that you are giving support to others.

COI’s philosophy behind the decisions we’ve made in response to the COVID-19/Corona virus outbreak are intended to allow us to continue to serve as many people as we can with as many services as possible, while also keeping our clients, staff and volunteers safe and healthy.

Day Services:

The COI building is currently closed to the public, however, by utilizing the intercom outside our door, we will continue to provide food boxes to community members, as well as providing mail and message pick-up for people who already use those services. Community showers have been cancelled until further notice.

Mari’s Place Childcare:

Mari’s Place has been approved to operate as an Emergency Child Care with priority enrollment given to children of front line workers and those in the essential workforce

Medical Clinics:

The Community Outreach Medical program is currently conducting walk-in clinics in Corvallis on Monday and Friday at 8:00 a.m. and Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. For more information or for questions about specialty clinics, please call Lisa at 541 758-3000 ext. 110.

For patients with mild flu-like symptoms, we encourage you to stay home rather than going to Urgent Care or the Emergency Department. If you are experiencing fever, cough, runny nose, please CALL the triage nurse at: the Corvallis Clinic- 541 754-1282 or at Samaritan Health Services – 541 768-5111, for more information before going to either location.

For information about the Lebanon COI clinics or dental needs, please call Trevor Nash at 541 758-3000 ext 115. This schedule will change weekly.

Medical volunteers needed! Providers, nurses, translators and administrative volunteers interested in helping to staff our acute/primary care clinics, please contact Lisa at 541 758-3000, ext 110. Clinic shifts are roughly 3 hours in length Monday/Friday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

We are not taking any patients with Corona virus symptoms.

Behavioral Health:

Mental health and substance use disorder counseling will be provided via telehealth technology. Please call for information, 541-758-3000.


We will continue to provide transformational housing to clients, however our capacity has been reduced due to physical distancing requirements. If you are in need of housing, please call our main line to complete a housing screening, 541-758-3000.

Community Donations:

Most in-kind donations of food, clothing and other supplies will not be accepted until further notice. Financial contributions are encouraged via the web or mail (, and hygiene items such as hand sanitizer, toilet paper, soap, face masks, and diapers are very much appreciated. Please call us at 541-758-3000 to arrange your donation.

Please everyone, stay safe, healthy and as emotionally balanced as possible. Use technology to reach out to your friends and colleagues and make sure they are doing ok. By being a community, even if we can’t be physically together, we’ll make it through this.

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