Emergency Shelter

Community Outreach, Inc. offers a drop-in shelter for individuals seeking a safe place to sleep for the night. This program is open to men, women and families who are practicing sobriety and behaviorally appropriate. Clients may access showers, bathrooms, kitchen, food pantries; our phone, mail, and message services; our information and referral services; and our medical clinics.

Program Overview

This service is offered seven days a week. Clients may be on-site as early as 7 pm and checked in no later than 9 pm, when quiet hours begin. On Wednesday nights, check in begins at 9 pm when our medical clinic ends. Bedding is provided, and a limited number of mats are also available. Clients can also choose to use their own bedding.

Emergency shelter clients are awake at 7 am, and allowed to use showers and bathrooms. Clients must be packed up and out of the lobby area before it opened at 8 am.

Families using the emergency shelter have the option to complete an intake the next day, if eligible per our housing screening. Appropriate behavior including sobriety, and an open available family unit are required.

Our committed staff continues to provide the highest quality of comprehensive services to all of our clients regardless of their socio-economic background. We strive to support and assist all of our clients with dignity and respect, and encourage our clients to apply for COI’s Transformational Housing Program, so they may have additional time to work toward self-sufficiency. Clients in need of substance abuse or mental health treatment services are encouraged to access these programs.

Admission Criteria

  • For families, head of household must be 18 years or older and have at least one child present
  • Must have completed an emergency shelter intake
  • We do not shelter sex offenders, violent or dangerous offenders, or anyone whose behavior may jeopardize the health and safety of other clients and staff.

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