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Our Mission

“Helping People Help Themselves Lead Healthy and Productive Lives.”

COI, by Creating Transformative and Supportive Pathways to Life – Helps People Help Themselves Lead Healthy and Productive Lives. COI’s responds to human needs and serves people with respect, integrity, dignity, and without discrimination. Our Vision and Mission are the guide for small-and large-scale daily activities at COI.

With a client-centered approach and collaborating with other agencies to create a comprehensive continuum of care, COI’s programs are built for individuals and families to move toward holistic health in a transformative fashion.

Regardless of their personal circumstances, we believe that everyone, when empowered with skills, knowledge, and pathways for life, will be equipped to help themselves lead healthy and productive lives.

Relationship Principles:

Are the basis for our interactions, apply to everyone, ensure clarity in our communications, and preserve effective work dynamics. They apply in all situations we encounter.

  1. Presume Goodness: We presume good intentions.
  2. Honor: We regard each other with dignity in honor and respect.
  3. Listen/Understand: We first listen to understand. We communicate concisely with focus.
  4. Truth: We are truthful, authentic, transparent, and honest.
  5. Principles First: We place principles before personality and make allowance for our differences.
  6. Solutions: We are solution focused. We keep a “parking lot” of things needing resolution.
  7. Accountability: We practice accountability with grace.
  8. Go direct: We go first to each other to resolve conflict.
  9. Speak to edify: We speak words that edify each other.
  10. Creativity: We hold each other’s creativity and ideas gently.
  11. Serve: We seek to serve well.
  12. Community: We place our common welfare first; impact on resident/clients, staff, and COI collectively must be considered.


Transformative Shelter

Community Outreach’s Transformative Shelter Program provides on-site housing for men, women, and families. While in housing, clients receive direct case management services, access to mental health and addiction treatment services, and life skills training.

Medical & Dental

The health care industry is changing fast these days, but one thing remains the same for many people: if you don’t have insurance, or have a crummy plan, accessing health care is a huge issue. COI’s clinics ensure that anyone can see a doctor or dentist.


Children who experience instability and homelessness are more likely to struggle to be emotionally, socially, and scholastically successful in school. Mari’s Place is a state-certified childcare center providing structure and fun while offering professional and safe child care.

Behavioral Health

Our Behavioral Health Program offers multiple services: outpatient mental health counseling, and outpatient alcohol and drug treatment. Our services are focused on low-income, uninsured, and/or under-insured men and women. We attempt to make treatment affordable for everyone by offering a sliding fee scale.

Day Services

While many of COI’s services are based around our mission of “Helping people help themselves lead healthy and productive lives” we also realize that in some cases people are not ready for case management, mental health counseling or transitional housing – instead they just need a food box to get through the end of the month or a place to pick up their mail.


Good2Go includes weekly Veteran’s Advisory meetings which promote goals, camaraderie, and healthy outlets for veterans in the community. Good 2 Go aims to help each veteran gain employment, coping skills, income, and permanent housing.


Help Fund a Program

Give moneyYour financial contributions are what makes it all possible. Would you consider scheduling recurring monthly gifts?


Give timeFrom pulling weeds to pulling teeth, we depend on volunteers at every level of the organization.


Give stuffDo you pick up travel size shampoo when you travel? Is it impossible to pass up a good sock sale?

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