Services for Children

The term “homeless” brings up a variety of images in people’s minds. Maybe you think of the scary guy hanging out near the railroad tracks, or a pile of trash left behind after an illegal camper moves on. Unfortunately, for people who work or live at COI, the term is more likely to bring up the image of a child’s face, as one third of our residents are children.

Children who experience instability and homelessness are more likely to struggle to be emotionally, socially, and scholastically successful in school. Through programs such as Sunflower Transformational Housing, Mari’s Place nature-based childcare, and the Child Support Specialist, COI ensures that all of the needs of children and their families will be met, ultimately improving family dynamics through skill building and encouraging stability. When the family dynamics show improvement, the children are calmer and less stressed, which encourages more success in both the parents and the children.

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