Housing at COI

Housing at COI
   Transformational Housing
   Emergency Shelter
   Case Management

We will continue to provide transformational housing to clients through the COVID pandemic, however our capacity has been reduced due to physical distancing requirements. If you are in need of housing, please call our main line to complete a housing screening, 541-758-3000. COI’s philosophy behind the decisions we’ve made in response to the COVID-19/Corona virus outbreak are intended to allow us to continue to serve as many people as we can with as many services as possible, while also keeping our clients, staff and volunteers safe and healthy.

One of the most powerful services COI provides is transformational housing for men, women and families – we work very hard with our clients to help them move from being homeless (or vulnerable to homelessness) to living in a place they can call home.

Transformational housing offers specialized case management services, peer support, and access to all of the other services COI provides, including mental health counseling, drug and alcohol abuse prevention, medical and dental clinics, childcare, food pantries, and kitchen facilities.

While we believe that transition from homelessness to secure housing is where the real magic of COI happens, we realize that not everyone is ready to make permanent changes in their lives, and for that reason, we also offer emergency shelter for men, women, and families. Emergency shelter gets people off the streets and safe, while they make decisions about where their next step might be. (And for many, the next step is to our transformational housing.)

Everyone who uses COI’s transformational housing and emergency shelter is expected to be practicing sobriety and maintain appropriate behavior.

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